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Overcoming Fear and Blog Transfer

I HAVE TRANSFERRED MY BLOG HERE so go ahead and follow that if you desire, we would love you too I also just published a new article here, you make like that s well  

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Pedaling Up Hill

Have you ever pedaled up a steep hill…….? Unless you are some sort of freak, this is a challenging task. Climbing hills can be torturous and draining. We often dread “the climb” on our routes. If you are riding in … Continue reading

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Bikes Breaking Barriers

This blog is devoted to the correlation between biking and well-being. However, there is a common belief that only people without physical barriers can par take. This is all too wrong and fortunately so. Physical barriers such as paralysis or … Continue reading

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An odd glimmer of hope (w/ potential for growth)

  It feels odd to even be reflecting on this moment in time, however, I feel it is important. The whole experience lasted about 3 minutes, but contained important insight! As I began my daily walk to work on Monday … Continue reading

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