4th Give Away: Expectations Can Be A Mistake


The Trek was given away on 5/22/15. A friend from church donated this bike, which was already in good condition. I gave The Trek a quick tune up and re-greasing. It was transformed back into a noble steed in no time. Finally, I blessed it with a test spin through my neighborhood…….butter! Continue reading

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Have you experienced genuine joy?

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.38.54 AM

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Meet Julie…………… Kiddddddiiiinnnggg me with that?!


Meet Julie. She is a young, hardworking, Brooklynite holding down two jobs. Julie relied heavily on her bicycle to commute to work and around the city. Unfortunately, her bike was stolen a few months ago. Although it was important, replacing her bike could not be her number one priority. Considering that a hot dog may cost $15 in some parts of the city, Julie needed to make sure she could eat. Julie had no choice, but to revert back to a combination of mass transit and walking. Fortunately, that changed on 4/26/15 when we met up to give her one of the Brooklyn Cruisers. (Check out this story for details on the journey to Julie).

Although it is wonderful that Julie is pedaling again, how we connected is even more amazing! Continue reading

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I expected perfection…. and that is not what happened


The Brooklyn Cruiser given to Julie


If you haven’t been following along recently, you may have missed that Bike and Brain has started to give away free bikes. These are not prizes or awards. They are not bought or sold. They are simply handed to another person, free of charge. In fact, the whole interaction is casual. Imagine you are handing your friend the extra burrito you got at Chipotle…….. It’s kind of like that. Continue reading

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A Little More Love….. 1 Bike at a Time

I want to thank everyone who has supported Bike and Brain. Whether you purchased a shirt or liked the page, you have made a difference. Without you guys none of this would be possible.

I am excited to release this video of our fist day giving out bikes. It was beautiful. At Bike and Brain we love people, we love bikes, and we love people riding bikes.

So lets go! Lets spread ‪#‎alittlemore‬ love one bike at a time!

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Meet Yuliya and Kay


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The Red Schwinn: DONE


The Red Schwinn has been a long time in the making. I spent this past Saturday putting the bicycle together. I don’t want to reveal too much now. There are big things on the way for this bike. I am excited to say the least. Stay tuned, but for now check out some raw clips from the build here! Continue reading

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First Feature: Brooklyn Bike Co.


My faith in humanity was restored after meeting Ryan Zagata, president of Brooklyn Bike Co. Ryan reached out to me after connecting through Twitter. He was able to provide an awesome batch of bicycles, which was a true blessing for Bike and Brain. As a new venture just starting out, it can be hard to get your footing, especially in a city like New York. Thanks to Ryan and his team, I have got a solid foundation to build from.

Many great things are in the works at Bike and Brain thanks to Ryan’s donation. I’ll be sure to keep the page updated with that, but for now I wont be revealing anything.

Check out Bike and Brain’s feature on the Brooklyn Bike Co blog here!

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First Batch Transport



Bike and Brain recently received a kind donation from the Brooklyn Bike Co of 4 bicycles. These, along with a few others have finally maxed out the bike capacity in my tiny NYC apartment. Continue reading

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Just About Done: Red Schwinn Update

Check out the newest update. We are just about done with the build. Extremely excited to give it away. Riiiiidddeeeee!

IMG_2755 IMG_2756

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