This was, without a doubt, the best experience I have had on a bike. It was also the hardest! Below are some of the pictures from the journey, but read the full story here……..


SAM_3388 SAM_3390 SAM_3394 SAM_3404 SAM_3403 SAM_3422 SAM_3430 SAM_3449

SAM_3451 SAM_3455 SAM_3471 SAM_3482 SAM_3487 SAM_3494 SAM_3496 SAM_3500 SAM_3509 SAM_3507 SAM_3516 SAM_3523 SAM_3532 SAM_3546 SAM_3551 SAM_3568 SAM_3575 SAM_3585 SAM_3604 SAM_3616 SAM_3614 SAM_3627 SAM_3628 SAM_3652 SAM_3671 IMG_0051 IMG_0047 IMG_0073 IMG_0079 IMG_0086 IMG_0108 IMG_0157 IMG_0162 IMG_0167 IMG_0176 IMG_0233 IMG_0296 IMG_0353 IMG_0364 IMG_0370 IMG_0424 IMG_0456 IMG_1186 IMG_1214 IMG_1236 IMG_1327 IMG_1428 IMG_1685











IMG_1760 IMG_1351

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