Two of my buddies and I decided, last minute, to ride from NYC to Philly. We followed the East Coast Greenway. Or at least tried to. The signs were about 1″ x 1″. Eventually we had to take out our phones and google map it. The entire trip took about 12 hours and was 109.1 miles.


pjl 2 phl 8 

The trip was a great mix of rural and urban riding. We went through a few residential neighborhoods, a few small cities, and some off road trails. A little bit of everything.

phl 10 phl 3



ph 11 phl 5

Pictured above was our favorite stretch of road. Freshly paved and sparsely populated. Nothing better.
ph 13phl 7


Somewhere in Trenton we discovered this magical, wooded path. 


phl 9

phl 6Some of the roads were rough. We actually rode on a stretch of highway. As you can see, we sustained several flats. 

Phil 1

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