This was a solo trip I took from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Atlantic City, NJ. It was intended to be a 2 day trip, but due to the campsite being 10 miles into the woods on a sand road, it turned into a single day trip. I left my apartment at 8:00 am and arrived at my destination 134 miles away at 9:00 pm. It was a great trip, mostly flat, and decently scenic.



I had to ride to midtown Manhattan to catch a ferry over to the northern tip of the Jersey Shore. These are pictures taken from that ferry

SAM_3721 SAM_3725 SAM_3735

Below is the beginning of the shore, Sandy Hook, NJ

SAM_3744 SAM_3756I stopped at the most shady mechanic who let me use the bathroom. My lock was not accessible, so I brought her in with me. Tight squeeze.

SAM_3758 SAM_3763

Who knew Jersey could be so rural

SAM_3762 SAM_3767 SAM_3764

Below is Brigantine Beach where we stayed, it is just south of AC. 



SAM_3784    IMG_0731 IMG_0737

To the left is the view from our balcony






No trip to AC is complete without a trip to the boardwalk. Not to mention the amazing light-show on the side of the building.

IMG_0785          IMG_0796    IMG_0802 IMG_0835 IMG_0827

I was able to catch an amazing sunrise on the last morning


1 Response to NYC → ATLANTIC CITY

  1. michael kreitman says:

    Hi – I have go from nyc to atlantic city this weekend – do you provide me with the bike route you used? thx. mike


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