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Overcoming Fear and Blog Transfer

I HAVE TRANSFERRED MY BLOG HERE so go ahead and follow that if you desire, we would love you too I also just published a new article here, you make like that s well   Advertisements

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5 Reasons I know Jesus Pedals With Me

I am truly happy On the bike is where I feel comfortable. I can clear my head and be at peace. It’s the moments on the bike that I begin to understand who I am. It’s these moments I converse … Continue reading

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Pedaling Up Hill

Have you ever pedaled up a steep hill…….? Unless you are some sort of freak, this is a challenging task. Climbing hills can be torturous and draining. We often dread “the climb” on our routes. If you are riding in … Continue reading

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Brain Traffic!

  Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Have you ever ENJOYED being stuck in traffic? I am going to take a guess that the answer is YES then NO! I don’t blame you, I don’t either. Traffic is merely … Continue reading

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Shushed Like a Third Grade School Girl

Cyclist’s often hear, “but I can’t ride a bike. Well at least not like you do”. It’s an instant reaction from someone who is a bit intimidated of the bike. It also seems to be a barrier. The person might as … Continue reading

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One Road Together

For the young, old, fast, slow, and disabled. The Netherlands infrastructure is exactly how it should be. All encompassing. Check out the video above. HEALTHY BIKE HEALTHY BRAIN

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“Thankful for bike rides”

  This is incredible. When Julia, age 5, was asked what she was thankful for she replied: “I’m thankful for my mom and dad, Aunt Carolyn, and bike rides!” That pumps me up. Bike rides are good for all. Hell … Continue reading

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  The crank is an essential component to any bike. Without this piece, your bike is a slave to gravity. You can’t control the speed or the ability to propel forward. However, when the crank is engaged you are the … Continue reading

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What It’s All About

Along with my daily ramble I hope to find other inspirational pieces that illustrate the collision of mental health and biking. I think this video speaks for itself. It’s more evidence in support of the bike defeating mental illness HEALTHY … Continue reading

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