faceThe Trek was given away on 5/22/15. A friend from church donated this bike, which was already in good condition. I gave The Trek a quick tune up and re-greasing. It was transformed back into a noble steed in no time. Finally, I blessed it with a test spin through my neighborhood…….butter!

I already knew who would be getting The Trek before I cleaned it up. A few months ago one of my good friends asked me “Do you think you could give a bike to my super? He was in my building and his bike was stolen.” I didn’t think twice. Of course I was going to help this guy out. His bike was stolen from the building he worked to maintain. That is terrible. I planned to rectify this situation if I could.

I started to text with Kyle (not his actual name) and it was clear he needed the bike. He explained that he used it for both work and recreational purposes. Kyle said that he worked at different buildings spread throughout the city. I didn’t want Kyle to be without his bike too long so I got to work tuning the Trek. Kyle and I planned to meet on 5/22/15 in the evening after work. I was excited.

It was about 6:15 PM and there were no signs of Kyle, despite texting a few minutes prior. I was standing on the corner of the street with The Trek, excitedly waiting to give her to the new owner. However, he never came. About 30 minutes had passed and there was no response from Kyle so I headed back to my apartment.

Kyle did call around 6:45 PM. He explained that he was busy and stuck at work, but his friend would be there to get the bike. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to meet Kyle and learn about who would be riding The Trek. Despite my hesitation, I decided it would be best to get Kyle the bike as quickly as possible. I met his friend and he took the bike away. I didn’t even have time to grab a picture of the handoff. I texted Kyle a few hours later to ensure he received the bike. Fortunately, he did. I also asked if he could send me a few pictures with the bike so that I could write up a little story. After that question, he was lost to contact. I have not heard from Kyle since. It was not by choice that all of these pictures are without people.


I think my first issue was having a preconceived idea of what this give away would be like. I based it off of my previous encounters. This was a mistake because it created expectations. I expected to meet Kyle and to speak with him. I expected to experience and share his excitement about the bike. That didn’t happen so I was disappointed. However, this is not about ME. No, this is about the people. This is about getting people on bikes at no cost. I have learned that my expectations need to be left at the door. From now on, that is where they will stay.

I have also learned that everyone is different. Maybe Kyle is excited, but does not want his picture taken. Maybe Kyle forgot to text me back. Maybe Kyle is too busy riding The Trek that he can’t text me. There are so many possibilities, but none of them matter. Do you want to know why? It’s because my gut told me Kyle was the right person to give the bike to. Regardless of excitement, Kyle is now back on two wheels, right where he started. Isn’t that the whole point of Bike and Brain? I also take comfort in knowing that Kyle AND HIS FRIENDS were affected by Bike and Brain. They will always remember where The Trek came from.


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