Bike and Brain is acting on a new and revolutionary concept, but it’s simple; everyone should have access to a bicycle of their own. There is too much wealth in this city for this not to be possible. With  faith and support we can make this happen. After a random tweet I was contacted by the Brooklyn Bike Co. They were able to provide me with some incredible bikes on the premise of mere faith. These bikes were simply awesome. It was even more awesome to give one of these bikes to Kay. So let’s meet him


This is Kay and his daughter, Fran, along with their new Brooklyn Cruiser.

Kay and his family moved to NYC about 5 years ago from Africa. They have adjusted well to this fast paced and hectic life. There has been so much to learn including a new language, new schools, new people, new jobs, and new transportation. Kay’s ability to adapt in NYC has been incredible.

Kay is excited to continue to learn and adapt with his new Brooklyn Cruiser. Kay hopes to utilize his bicycle for many reasons. He plans to commute, run errands, and exercise, to name a few. This bicycle will only improve and make Kay’s transition easier. Hey, maybe even Fran will ride!


Bike and Brain looks forward to following up with Kay and Fran in the future. Ride on Kay!

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