Bike and Brain: The Organization

This page will be dedicated to the journey of taking the idea of Bike and Brain and transforming it into a non-profit that gives back to the community.

The benefits of cycling are discussed constantly throughout this blog. Browsing through the posts, the adventures, the Instagram, and all the other content hopefully begins to paint a picture of the impact a bicycle can have. It is not just a recreational activity. Heck no! It is far more than that.

Efficient transportation in an urban area, especially one as vast as NYC, is crucial. There are places to go and people to see. One can argue that NYC has one of the best public transit systems in the world. There are buses, subways, and taxis that run 24/7. Despite this convenience, there are many draw backs. One of those being the rising cost. This is unacceptable and something CAN be done. People can ride bikes.

A  person would benefit tremendously if they had a sturdy, low maintenance, bike. The bike could also be tailored to the individual. They could add racks, bags, lights, and cell chargers, to name a few. A person could use the bike for anything from commuting to hauling large loads from the store.

Additionally, a person would need to learn many techniques in order to get the most out of their bike. A person could learn to lock the bike properly, the basic mechanics, how to ride through different weather, how to load the bike with cargo, how to travel safely, etc. A sturdy bike paired with basic skills will change someones life. That is what Bike and Brain hopes to do.

Bike and Brain will  simply provide a free bike to someone who may not have another method of obtaining one. Bike and Brain will also teach everything needed to get the most from the bike. It is our belief that the bike can bring about great change in one’s life. It can build confidence, it can reduce anxiety, it can relieve stress, it can transport groceries, and it can can transport you. The bike can pretty much do everything. Unfortunately, not everyone has experienced this, but Bike and Brain is working to change that!

Want to know more?

Why biking? Why the heck are you so obsessed?

What does biking do for you?

What’s your first project, something about a Red Schwinn?

The people and the bikes!

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