B and B Maintenance

The Better You Treat Your Bike the Better it Treats You

Much has been said on Bike and Brain about how the bike can be thought of as a tool for wellness. While this is true the bike is a tool in the mechanical sense as well. This means that at one time or another your bike will need maintenance. This could be something like the inevitable tire change, your chain needing to be greased etc. Though being on the bike can be a serene experience breaking down can be very stressful. Luckily the Internet can answer pretty much any question that comes to your mind. The problem is that many times it requires a lot of research to fix things the right way. Having some basic shop skills can give you a greater peace of mind while riding, which is why Bike and Brain will be developing their own resource for your convenience.

Below are a variety of links to very valuable, but very basic shop skills and cycling tips. These will save you time, money, and more importantly will keep you riding.

(Use Command + F to navigate to specific topics)

Bike Sizing

Riding Through Winter

Fixing A Flat/Changing A Tube

Riding Through Summer

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