5 Ways To Just Be Happy

1. Love More


All you need to do is watch 15 minutes of the news to see how much hate and anger is in our world. It can be very overwhelming. It’s everywhere. Rarely do we see acts of kindness and love broadcast on our T.V’s. I think that showing hate and anger is the easy way out. It’s simple to be mad at someone. This takes very little effort, but loving people is hard. To love someone means to accept their flaws and your preconceived notions about them. It means you have to be vulnerable. It means you need to be flexible. It takes a lot of effort, but nothing worth having comes easy. The ability to love people, not just those close to you, is the key to happiness. When was the last time you did something out of pure love? What about for a stranger? I promise if you try this, you will unlock a well of joy you didn’t know existed

2. Ride A Bike


Riding a bike can actually make you happy. Not only is it releasing endorphins, but also it’s allowing you a sense of control. The bicycle can be a beautiful way to experience the outdoors. When was the last time you cruised around on your bike without an agenda? Don’t you remember those summer nights as a child cruising around with your neighborhood friends? It was simple, beautiful, and fun. So I suggest you find a bike, ride, and be happy.

  1. Control The Out-Of-Control

As human beings we want control over all aspects of our lives. We want to control our looks, schedules, health, jobs, children, pets, friends, and much more. Of course some control is good, even necessary. However, there are so many things we simply can’t control. These are things like the behavior of the people around us, last minute issues at work, or unplanned accidents. No matter how much precaution we take, some issues are just bound to happen. Logically, we all know this, but then why do we spend so much time stressing over these things? Have you ever stayed late at work to make the next day less stressful only to wake up to a crisis that undoes all of that work? Stress will be greatly reduced once you learn to control your own reactions to the out-of-control factors in your life.

  1. Take Time For Yourself

We are constantly giving a piece of ourselves to the people who surround us. Whether you are helping a friend, getting drinks with co-workers, or taking the subway, you are sharing your time and space. This is all great; but we also need time for ourselves. This allows us to mentally recuperate. It allows a time to hone in on goals and priorities without any outside buzz. Time alone should be peaceful and productive. Definitely set aside some time alone to maintain your joy.

  1. Forgive And Forget

Again, conflict is simple. It requires no vulnerability. Although this is easy, it takes away a lot of potential joy. Have you ever been arguing with a friend and neither of you want to back down? When was the last time you forgave someone knowing they were completely wrong and you were completely right? I suggest you watch this.

 Once you truly forgive someone, the burden is off of you. I can only describe it as a tremendous relief. It will truly make you happier.

-Bike and Brain

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