Have you experienced genuine joy?

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It is truly my hope that you can answer this question easily and honestly. However, it’s not that simple for most people. Society teaches us that happiness is earned. We are taught that material possessions and money can buy us joy. Examples of this are everywhere. Just look at any magazine, billboard, or commercial. The ads show smiling, attractive, people wearing the nicest clothes, the most expensive jewelry, and the latest trends. These ads are taunting us each and everyday. We are constantly pursuing just a little more. We are constantly striving to fill that void because last years purchase just isn’t cutting it.

Despite the constant pressure to earn our happiness, there are countless examples of why this doesn’t work. We see so much tragedy strike people that have so much. Look at Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, and Chris Farley to name a few. Seemingly they had everything, but there was something missing. If fame, money, and incredible talent can’t make someone happy, what does?

Take note of the fact that fame, money, and incredible talent all have one thing in common. They can be taken away. Your money can be spent or stolen. Your fame can be short lived. Your talent can be lost through aging. You will spend time trying to acquire more and protecting what you have earned in fear of losing these things. How in the world is that joyful? Let me answer that……. It isn’t. True happiness is not found in anything that can be lost or stolen.

I have experienced true joy in developing Bike and Brain and I want to share that with you. The act of helping another human being is the key. This feeling goes unmatched. When you have truly made an effort to help someone, you will experience true joy. This is because we were created as social human beings. We need each other to survive. Without other people, life would be pretty sad. The beauty of this world is that we are all so different and we all have something unique to offer. I love to ride bikes and I have found happiness in giving other people that opportunity, but that is just one example. Some people can cook, others know how to stay fit, some can play instruments, others can program computers, and the list goes on. The opportunities to use your talents for the benefit others are endless. With a lot of people in this world, comes a lot of chaos. With a lot of chaos, comes a lot of opportunity for help.

Using your talents or skills to help someone is timeless. It is a source of joy that will never be taken away. What is there to lose when you willingly gave it away? Moreover, you have now created a timeless memory for the recipient. That’s a double win. If you are someone who has struggled to find joy, I would encourage you to try this tactic. I know it seems paradoxical, but trust me it’s amazing.

Don’t put it off any longer. Find something you love to do and share it.

-Bike and Brain

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2 Responses to Have you experienced genuine joy?

  1. Joanna says:

    Inspiring story to read. Good example to follow. I enjoyed reading that.


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