First Batch Transport



Bike and Brain recently received a kind donation from the Brooklyn Bike Co of 4 bicycles. These, along with a few others have finally maxed out the bike capacity in my tiny NYC apartment.

There was almost no room to function in the apartment. I had 2 bikes and 1 frame in my room, leaving the bed as the only functional space. There was 1 in the hallway, which made it a challenge to enter the bathroom. Moreover, there were 3 others in my living room/kitchen combo. I couldn’t force my roommate to live in this pseudo bike shop I had created so I decided it was either me or the bikes.


With the help of kind family, I was able to move this incredible batch of donations to my family house in CT. There are rooms called basements in CT, which allow for extra storage. NYC does not have this “amenity”. Check out some of the hi-lights by clicking here!

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