5 Reasons I Have Decided to Give Away Free Bikes

God Has Approved My Project

 As I move forward with funding the “Red Schwinn” project independently, I always fear that I may be making a mistake. I am constantly second guessing myself. I mean there is no proof that this project will catch on, so why keep pressing forward. Well, on a number of occasions God has confirmed that moving forward is the right move. So let me tell you about just one.

 One afternoon I was struggling with the Bike and Brain project. I was trying to decide whether or not to keep pushing forward. I was also struggling with the idea of paying for the initial start up costs. I was pretty much at a dead end. All I knew was that I wanted to give bikes away, but how would I ever afford this? I decided to pray about it, which is the only real way to have a question answered. Through prayer I asked for confirmation, guidance, and just general help. I finished the prayer and returned to the blog. Within 5 minutes my roommate blurts out; “Yo, do you want a free bike? My friend from law school is just giving it away, you just have to pick it up”. My instant thought was “Holy Shit, that quick”. Sure enough I have the bike and it will make for the perfect second project. God clearly and quickly confirmed that it would be ok to move forward. So here we are.


I Believe in the Bicycle


 I have learned that the bicycle can affect great change in someone’s life. The benefits are discussed in detail throughout this blog. However, some of the major benefits include increased self-esteem, a sense of control, improved physical health, and convenient transportation. I truly believe that if someone is provided with a functional bicycle, learns basic shops skills, and learns to ride effectively; their life can be changed. I hope to provide the means to this change by handing over a rebuilt, fully functional bicycle….. for free.


Increased Savings

 Transportation in NYC is expensive and this is not changing any time soon. Whether it is a train, bus, or taxi, the costs can surly take a toll on a person’s finances. However, this does not have to be true. With the addition of a bicycle and some will power, a person can be saving a tremendous amount of money. On top of that, the maintenance fees for a bicycle are extremely low and can usually be done without help. This is one of the most concrete reasons for why someone should own a bike. More money in the bank, enough said……… ride.

I Love People and Bikes


 As a social worker and avid bicycle rider, I love when the two facets of my life collide. In fact, that is what this project is all about. Obviously giving something away for free is “nice”, but that is not the theme of Bike and Brain. I think that as a human being we are on this planet to help each other out. Let’s face it, life is “fu@$ing hard. It can be a daily struggle. Why shouldn’t we help each other? We should and I want to help by empowering people through the use of bicycles.


The Experiences


 Simply owning a bicycle will surly bring about some life changing experiences. Whether riding to the store or across the country, the bike brings about an entirely different view of the world. One I never want to lose. I want everyone to have their own, unique experiences on the bike. That is why I am going to provide the means to these experiences.


 Remember to follow the Red Schwinn project as I work to get it ready for April 1. Follow the progress on BikeandBrain.com





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2 Responses to 5 Reasons I Have Decided to Give Away Free Bikes

  1. Edward says:

    I like it and may God bless it!


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