Guest Post: “How The Bike Helped To Bring Me Back”


“I have been following the developments over at Bike and Brain for sometime. Part of this is because the author is a good friend of mine and cycling buddy. Another is that I have a family history of depression and have experienced some very dark periods of my life the bike has been able to help me with.

As a child I was always fascinated with bikes. I wish I could say I was a natural but unfortunately for me I was never particularly athletic and suffered from asthma. As such the most I’d ever done was ride to a friend’s house. But a few years ago I was in a bad car accident and for whatever reason the bike entered back into my life. I didn’t realize at first but when you’re on the bike you can completely clear your head. (I happen to meditate too and I find being on the bike very similar).I began building my own bikes riding every night after work. Soon I was riding further and faster than I ever had. All off a sudden I was jumping from 10 to 20 mile trips. Soon I had no problem doing 60. The reward of accomplishing something like that when I, in all probability I should have died in that accident, was part of the motivation I needed to get my life back on track. Just recently I accompanied Bike and Brain’s author on the Houston to Austin ride and put in a solid 200mi in two days.

Biking wasn’t the only thing which helped me get my life back on track-that took friends, family and a lot of hard work-but it was an essential piece of me getting my life back together. So why are you still reading this. Stop sitting in front of a computer and get on a bike. Take pride in spanning distances you never thought you could while bettering yourself while you’re doing it!You brain will thank you for it!”

-Terence William for Bike and Brain

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