5 Reasons I Never Regret Bicycling To Work

  1. Everyday Is An Accomplishment


I got myself to work and I got myself back. No one else was involved. There was no bus driver that took me. There was no train conductor that operated the train. There was no taxi driver that swerved through traffic. There was no one, but me. I pedaled myself to the destination. I was in complete control. When I get to work, I get situated at my desk and think, “great, I made it”. My co-workers come in and say “that f@#$%n train was delayed” or “thanks to the sick passenger I am late”. Not me. Thanks to my bike and my legs, I am on time.

  1. Delays Are Few And Far In Between


In relation to what is written above, I am rarely late. That’s due to the fact that I don’t depend on any other factors other than my bike and legs. As long as I am prepared for a flat or a broken component, I will be fine. Also, if I am late I am going to take complete responsibility. There is something beautiful and rewarding about this independence.

  1. The Sights, Oh The Sights


My commute to work is unique, scary, interesting, and beautiful. I have seen things that I will never forget. I have seen a man walking turtles, I have seen food delivered via roller blade, I have seen accidents, I have seen buildings on fire, I have seen fights, and I have seen this blend together. You miss a lot in the subway. You disappear underground and then emerge in a new neighborhood, missing everything in between. As I ride, I gain an understanding of how each neighborhood is interwoven to create this vast city.

  1. At The Least, I Rode

With the busy schedule that all New Yorkers have, it can be hard to squeeze in a workout. We work long hours, we try to maintain social lives, and we try to sleep when we can. How do we fit in time to maintain our fitness? I know! Ride a bike to work. Even when you can’t make it to the gym or to a yoga class, you can take comfort in the fact that you rode your bike. This is exercise. It’s multi-tasking. It’s beautiful. I know you want to burn off all those carbs you have consumed at your desk! Ride to work.

  1. It’s My Prep And Decompression


Riding to work prepares me for the day ahead. It gets my blood flowing and my heart rate up so that I am alert by the time I arrive. It is also a good time to be in the moment (mindfulness). It is a time where I can organize my thoughts and prepare for complete productivity. Riding to work always gets my day started right. The same can be said for riding back home. I can decompress. I process all that went on and get ready to relax. I organize my thoughts and prioritize. I take the ride home to relieve any built up stress or frustration. Riding is my pregame and postgame to work, if you will.

-Bike and Brain 

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons I Never Regret Bicycling To Work

  1. capejohn says:

    I biked to work for 6 years and the ride at the end of work was always the highlight of the day. Not so much the early morning commute. That was sometimes a struggle, but the reward was worth every bit of doubt when mounting the bike in the early morning.


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