5 Reasons You Are A Better Person Than You Think


1. You Have Potential

No matter who you are, you have potential. You have the ability, right now, to make someone’s day. As human beings we harness a lot of control. Often times this control is used in a negative way. This is demonstrated through crime and other violent acts. This control is clear when someone takes it upon themselves to ruin or destroy another person’s life. Fortunately, this control can also be used for good. Whether it is through a simple smile or a complex deed you have the potential to be a positive influence on someone around you. There are no special circumstances in which to harness this control and no limits. Why not live up to your potential?

 2. You Are Resilient


 All people have a natural resiliency, including you. We all face obstacles in our lives. Some are more challenging than others. Some may feel impossible to overcome and some may be painful. However, if you are reading this you have decided to press on another day and that, right there, is resiliency. Sometimes you need to take a step back to understand the obstacles you have already faced. To really fathom the resilience you demonstrate.

3. You Are Unique


 Not a single person on this earth is the same as you. Whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual you have a uniqueness about you. Your unique, defining characteristics are special. They are how you should identify yourself. These are also the characteristics that will be cherished by someone else one day, if not already. These special features are what set you apart from others and what must be held dear to your heart. Whatever you were blessed with, hold on to it, and don’t let it go.

4. _________


 Yes, a blank space (baby). I want to encourage you to ask someone for a single reason why they think your special. I can guarantee you will receive some incredible answers. Our lives are so busy that we often forget to remind people why we love them. Sometimes we even forget why people love us, but this should not be. There is a damn good reason they do, and I want you to find out. So ask them. (I would love to see some reasons in the comments!)

 5. You Have Accomplished


 Accomplishments vary depending on who you are. Be assured that if you are reading this, you have accomplished something. For some people simply waking up and going to work is a great accomplishment. For others, it may be winning the Super Bowl. On the surface these accomplishments may seem different, but they are not. Our accomplishments are relative to our lives. You must not compare yourself to anyone around you. You must learn to recognize your accomplishments because they are there and they are great. I would encourage you to slow down and look at what you have done rather than what you could do (not permanently, you always want to strive for more) and be proud.

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1 Response to 5 Reasons You Are A Better Person Than You Think

  1. When teaching I liked the idea of enhancing folk’s self concept using the outdoors, belief in yourself in a positive form can go a long way.


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