The Wheels Keep Spinning


Wheels are what keep the bike rolling. Without them all we have is some welded metal. The bike would be useless. Wheels come in many forms, but they are all circular. Our wheels are the only part of the bike contacting the ground. Despite the size of the wheel you will notice that only a very small fraction is actually making contact with the floor. As the wheel spins different points will hit the ground, but never simultaneously. This means that only a small section is actually supporting your weight at any given time………. Ok, so what?

Well, the bike’s wheel can parallel our lives. Let’s pretend the wheel represents our life. This would include everything that defines who we are including work, relationships, culture, etc. Each section of the wheel is important and part of us. The wheel in its entirety is who we are, but we can really only focus on one part at a time.  At times we may be struggling in certain areas while thriving in others. Sometimes we may feel as if everything is crumbling on top of us. We may experience pressure from all facets of our lives. This pressure can begin to take a toll on our well-being. In order to crawl out from this pressure and regain a sense of control we need to take a step back. That’s where we can use the bike wheel as a guide.

The wheel on our bike is able to focus all of our weight on a small section. Despite this pressure it continues to spin. This is because the weight is only on that section for a short period of time. The wheel was built to handle that. When we are in times of stress we need to remember that WE CAN HANDLE IT and that THE WHEELS WILL KEEP SPINNING. Relief will eventually be experienced.

Although this is not an outright solution to relieving stress, it is a mindset that will help in the process. We were built to bear a lot of weight and move forward. It’s human nature to be resilient. At the very least, that fact should be comforting.

Keep riding.

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