Can Bikes Help Our Youth?

Thanks for asking. The answer is most certainly yes!.

The idea behind Bike and Brain is to bring awareness to the helping potential of the bicycle. Now of course the bike is not for everyone, but its reach is certainly wide. Below I have hi-lighted a few people/programs/agencies that understand this concept and have done something about it.


This organization seems to be doing some incredible things. According to their website, “we are a collective of cycling enthusiasts committed to removing bikes from the waste stream and getting them back on the streets. We help to build bicycle community in the capital region through hands-on education”. They have several “programs”, one of which is the Earn- A – Bike. Through this program, children ages 10-15 have the ability to volunteer their time at the in-house bike shop. In return, they receive a bicycle of their very own. At the end of the day the kids will have given back to their community at the bike shop, developed bicycle mechanic skills, and earned their own bike. Amazing!

Troy Bike Rescue is an organization that understands the potential and the helping power of the bicycle. They have developed a program that truly help change the lives of the children in their community. Their program has the potential to help children build confidence, which is the foundation of a healthy life.

2. Christ Cycle (No longer in operation)

Christ Cycles was a not for profit organization dedicated to “blessing” people with a bike of their very own. I will let their mission statement speak for itself:

“Christ Cycles is a small not-for-profit company dedicated to blessing people with good bikes and good health. We want people to love their bike and use it more often. For this reason, we offer people the ability to customize their very own bike. Regular bike use will in turn, help people financially, improve their health, and is far better for the environment. Today, 83% of diseases and illnesses in America are being classified as ‘preventable’ with proper diet and exercise. To combat that, we wanted to offer people a fun and easy way to better their health and quality of life.

As a company, Christ Cycles does partake in a mentorship program with foster teens, as well as providing food & water for the local homeless populous.

We’re not here to be the best. But rather, to do the most we can to help whomever we can. We love people, because we love God.”

It’s obvious that Christ Cycles had the right idea. I am sure their community was sad to see them go.

3. Ridge View Academy (Denver, CO)

This is not an organization per se, but a school run by the Division of Youth Corrections in Colorado. This is a school for children who have had a run in with the law. Many of these children have started down a troubling path. However, their head cycling coach, Greg Townsend, is on a mission to change that.

Each year Greg Townsend takes his group of teens on an 11 day 700 mile Grand Canyon Tour. “For the runaways, gangbangers, abandoned and abused teenagers on an 11-day ride to the Grand Canyon, the challenge of pedaling 700 miles is nothing compared with the searing pain of their past” (Tracy Ross, Bicycling Magazine). This trip, I am sure, is nothing short of life changing.

After these 11 hard days these teens will have a new out look on life. More importantly, they will have a new outlook of themselves. Click on the link above to read the full article.

In sum…..

there are great organizations doing great things all through the bicycle. The organizations mentioned above are just a few working to change the lives of our youth. It’s apparent that what they are doing has a tremendous impact. There is no lost cause.

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