5 Ways My Bike Has Been More Reliable Than Your Best Friend

1. My bike has never said no 

I have ridden through the rain, snow, and blistering heat. I have travelled far and near. I have ridden through rough areas and rich areas. I have locked my bike to telephone poles, handrails, and garbage cans. I have left my bike outside for hours on end. Despite this treatment, my bike is always willing to go for another ride. Would your friend be this willing?

  1. My bike has never broken silence

 My bike and I have had some serious conversations over the last couple of years. I have shared some secrets that many people don’t know. My bike is where most of my thinking happens. It’s on the bike I process my thoughts and wrestle with life. My bike has stuck with me and remained a true partner in crime. My bike is always there to listen when I speak. Does your friend do this?

  1. My bike is low maintenance

 My bike takes me places, keeps me in shape, and keeps me sane. Despite all it does for me, it does not expect much back. As long as I lube up the chain and wipe her down, my bike remains loyal. How would your friend feel about this type of relationship?

  1. We can take a break and that is ok

 Like anything else in this world, riding your bike too much can be detrimental. It is necessary to take a break. Whether this is a week off or an entire month, my bike will be ready when I am. My bike doesn’t take offense to this and does not feel hurt. What would your friend say if you took a break?

  1. My bike won’t get jealous

 I ride with my friends a lot. Much of our social lives are planned around biking. On these rides not much attention is paid to the actual bike. These are the times I catch up with my friends and BS about life. My bike doesn’t care. She keeps riding. Would your friend take a back seat?


Disclaimer: This post is satirical and a complete joke

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