5 Reasons I know Jesus Pedals With Me


  1. I am truly happy

On the bike is where I feel comfortable. I can clear my head and be at peace. It’s the moments on the bike that I begin to understand who I am. It’s these moments I converse with Jesus.

 2. I have met some incredible people

Jesus has sent some incredible people into my life via bike. The most memorable was Adrienne. A stranger at the time, she picked my friend and I off the side of the road and offered up her home. And what do you know? She was a Christian. (Full story here)



  1. The sights, oh the sights!

I have seen the beauty of God’s earth all via bike. From the White Mountains in New Hampshire to Big Sur in California, I’ve been able to soak in some of his creation’s splendor from my saddle.
SAM_3685 IMG_0420


  1. Riding with friends has always been an opportunity to share God

Most of my trips are with friends who don’t identify as Christian. They struggle with faith. However, riding with them has always been an opportunity to share my faith with them. It has always been a clear opportunity to talk about Jesus. Why? Because he is right there guiding the conversation.



  1. He’s kept me safe, time and time again.

Jesus has certainly taken the bars from time to time. Not swerving into traffic or flying off the cliffs of Big Sur were miracles. However, he was certainly there in Texas protecting us from the attack dogs. The night we spent on a dirt road with no protection, the 4 dogs we passed were all securely locked behind a fence. No other dogs were locked up at all throughout that day. Thanks’ for having our back on that one JC. (Check out that trip here)


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