Christ Cycle

If you read the other post’s I have written it would appear as if I idolize the bike. You can probably picture me kneeling before a bike shrine offering up spare tubes each morning. Contrary to popular belief I do NOT worship bikes. I see them as a gift to us. God has provided us with hands, skills, and minds to craft bicycles. In this craft is where I have found a passion.

Jesus is who I idolize, not the bike. He is the foundation, the frame if you will. He has granted us this life. Fortunately, bikes get to be part of this life and for that I am grateful. I truly believe the bike has an incredible ability to transform our lives, but certainly not without God.

I would imagine that if bicycles were around during Jesus’ time he would have been riding. It sure would have been way faster and less painful than walking in his Birkenstocks. Who knows, maybe I can ride with him when I get to heaven.

Without God there would be no HEALTHY BIKE OR BRAIN!

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