Pedals Always Come Around

The pedals on our bike are what allow our feet to power us forward. We push the pedals forward and then pull them back up. It is this pattern of motion that keeps us going. Unless we are on a down hill, driving the pedals is the only way to progress. Keep in mind that no matter the up or down position, our pedals are always a platform to stand on. It often feels that more progress can be gained by pushing the pedals forward and we neglect the importance of pulling them back up. We frequently rely on our momentum to bring the pedal back to an “up” position.

In this short piece I want to bring to light the parallel between our negative emotions and the pedals on our bike. For one, we certainly go through up’s and down’s. As a human this is inevitable. Second, no matter if we feel happy or sad we will always have our strengths to stand on. Whether that be resilience, humor, or hope. Third, we often neglect the importance of pulling ourselves back up. We rely on our “pushing at the high point” to drive us forward. However, when we are feeling good is when our hard work comes to fruition. In contrast, the work actually occurs when we are pulling ourselves back up. This is because at the bottom is where it is hardest to gain motivation. At the bottom is where we lack foresight and often forget the strengths on which we stand.

I think it is most important to remember that the down position is just as crucial as the up and without it, no movement can be made. I think much of our character building occurs at our lowest points. For me personally, being able to persevere through a low point builds my confidence. It solidifies the fact that “I can make it through anything with a little hard work”. We work through these lows in a variety of ways. By connecting with friends, family and outside supports, by taking medication, by engaging in therapy, and/or by going to church, to name a few. No matter the method, we can pull ourselves up. As we begin to work through the low, the amount of pulling we need decreases and we can begin to push forward again.

Up’s and down’s are part of human nature. There is something beautiful about the spectrum of emotions we can feel. It makes life real, raw, and powerful. Emotions let us know we are alive. Although the low times can be rather difficult, they are important. They keep us strong and in check. Just remember that as the pedals always make their way back to the top, so will you.


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