An Event Within Itself…….Mindfulness on the Bike


We spend a lot of our lives striving to get from point A to B. Whether that be from work to home, home to work, school to the store, or any other combination of places, we dread the space in-between A and B. Why is that? Why must the inevitable, unlabeled, time between these points control us in such a negative way?

I think the answer may be in the fact that the space in between has no label. It’s merely an obstacle we need to overcome. This space is not seen as a moment within itself. It is a barrier between one place and another. This is where mindfulness comes into play. I think it would be a positive change to understand that space as an event. Why can’t we start at A go through B and arrive at C?…………. We can.

I spent a cumulative hour and a half commuting on my bike between work, the gym, and home, last night. At the end of my day I often neglect the commute and reflect on work, the gym and what I did afterwards. However, I need to remind myself that my commute is an event within itself. This should be a time to slow down and be in the moment. I now work to block out thoughts of what happened prior to commuting and what may be waiting for me at the next stop. I find this to be relaxing. It gives me an opportunity to clear my head, feel my breathing, and just ride my bike. I constantly remind myself that whatever I left behind will be there when I return and whatever is waiting for me will certainly be there when I arrive. Perseverating on these things will not change those facts.

I want to look back on my day and reflect on my commute, I want to give it a label if you will. By practicing this mindfulness I have found that my stress has been reduced and I have been more productive at both my starting and end points. It’s been a great change.

I would encourage you to practice this mindfulness during your next commute.


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1 Response to An Event Within Itself…….Mindfulness on the Bike

  1. bribikes says:

    I love this.
    I have a rule when I bike: Never think about problems or negative things while on a ride. Biking is a time to appreciate the world around me, focus on how my body feels, sing or hum songs, let my imagination run wild and pray.

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