FOK Cancer


My ride from Houston to Austin was not glamorous. It was painful, scary , cold, and somewhat dreary. I was chased by wild dogs and was stranded on a dirt road in the pitch black. There were several times I considered throwing in the towel, but one thought kept me going.

I am pictured above wearing a Friends of Karen cycling jersey. This is an organization that serves critically ill children and their families in the Tri-State area. They provide a range of services from financial aid to sibling support. Take a look at their website here to see all the incredible things they do.

I was not riding through Texas to raise money, rather the strength of the children served by FOK kept me riding. I was the recipient of their offerings, which are often overlooked.

When we hear of an organization like FOK we think about the support they provide, which is wonderful. However, it’s crucial to also remember the other side of the coin. The children battling cancer provide an enormous amount of hope, inspiration, and strength to the people they come in contact with. Hell, they even impact people they have never met. My story is a case in point. Simply wearing the FOK jersey kept me going.

If a child can endure endless rounds of chemo and still wear a smile, then I can certainly turn the crank. If a child can endure the loss of a sibling, then I can ride through the rain. If I child can return to school after transplants, then I can ride in the dark. If a child can battle cancer, then I can ride my bike.

Their journey impacts people around the world. Never give up!

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