Solidifying the Bond


I’ve discussed the basis of the cycling culture throughout my last couple of posts. In sum, it’s friendly, supportive, and embracing. Cyclists are always trying to make new friends while recruiting new riders.

My buddy and I are currently in route to Texas to embark on our adventure from Houston to Austin. I’ve completed a few long, overnight rides, but this will be a first for him.

We met our freshman year in college and have been close ever since. We picked up cycling around the same time and from there it has been a major part of our friendship. We have gone on several day rides, competed in a few races, and have had many heartfelt conversations in the saddle. However, none of that will compare to the experience we will have in Texas. For 10 days it will be me, him, and our bikes.

Of course, we are going to rely heavily on ourselves and the bikes we are riding, but there is a comfort in knowing someone’s got your back. In a way, it relieving. It takes some of the pressure off ourselves. This feeling of comfort is unspoken, but it’s very clear and apparent. It is understood that this will be a joint effort. We are not alone.

Along with a diminished sense of anxiety, we experience the joy of the ride together. By the end of the trip, although individually special, we will share an incredible sense of accomplishment. I can confidently say that this experience will be unlike any other. It will result in a strengthened friendship. No matter what unfolds in the future, we will both have endured the pain, struggle, and joy of this adventure. It will be a memory that can’t be forgotten.

This adventure will be full of agony, laughter, excitement, and all the feelings in between. Two friends, two bikes, one unforgettable experience.

Riding bikes is an amazing way to begin, strengthen, or repair friendships. Whether it be a casual day ride or a multi-day tour, the bike provides a common ground. The bike strengthens the foundation on which the relationship stands.

Go grab a friend a ride!

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