You Can’t Always Be On , But You Can Always Be On Your Bike!


Derek Jeter didn’t hit home runs every time he stepped to the plate, Matthew McConaughey hasn’t nailed every role he’s been in, and the Rolling Stones didn’t produce a hit every-time they wrote. Just like the celebrities mentioned above, we don’t always bring our A-game when we need it.

There are times when we’re tired at work, which leads to diminished productivity. Occasionally, we may be running late. Sometimes, we may have a short fuse and snap at the people around us. Maybe we skip out regular work out routine for a few weeks. It’s also possible that we feel a little OFF sometimes, just because. The bad news is we will always have moments of feeling OFF. The good news is……WE ARE HUMAN, and this is completely normal.

If you always felt and performed at 100 percent you would be GOD himself. You would also feel a lot of pressure to maintain this status.Fortunately, as a human being, we can’t be expected to be at our best all the time. Although it may be difficult to feel OFF, it’s part of being real. The most important thing is how we cope with those OFF moments.

The key is being able to recognize when you are feeling a bit OFF. Are you tired?, maybe sad?, or just “not feeling it?” Once you recognize things are not quite right you can work to improve this. Maybe you can take a nap, talk to someone, or just take sometime to be alone. Whatever works for you is just fine.

Personally, it’s relieving to remember that I can always hop ON the bike, especially when feeling OFF. It gives me that swift kick I need, if you will. For me it instills a feeling of being alive. It allows me to focus on my movements and to process my feelings of being OFF so that I can flip the switch. Riding is that one thing that will always prevent me from being 100 percent OFF, because I can always get ON the bike.


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1 Response to You Can’t Always Be On , But You Can Always Be On Your Bike!

  1. John Henrick says:

    Cycling is most definitely therapeutic. I used to ride a motorcycle all night long for the same reason, just to be away from it all, whatever “it” was. Now that I’m retired from the daily grind of construction, I have time and energy to ride a bicycle, once again. Haven’t had this much pleasure from it since I was about eleven years old and rode with a friend all around the city of London, deliberately getting lost and then trying to find our way home. Good times!

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