It’s Tuesday…….. Ride Your A** Off

It’s Tuesday, the work week is in full swing and there is probably a weight building on your back (as in the video above). Are you going to let this weight bring you down? Are you going to crumble under the weight?

Sure it would be easy to bear the weight and slug through the rest of this week, collapsing on Friday. You could just remain silent, and take it. You wouldn’t need to put up a fight or argue. You could just continue you on, consistently shrinking as the week rolls on.

Or…… you can remember to ride your ass off! Why?….. Who cares it’s Tuesday and your bike is still the same as it was on Saturday. In fact, riding today may have more benefits than it would  over the weekend. For further detail on these benefits refer to Brain Traffic. 

Regardless, the bike can bear more weight than you can. The bike actually allows us to carry a bigger load. Moreover, a lot of the pressure from the weight gets transferred through the bike, making it much easier to move.

Keep in mind, with the bike you can do more, carry more, and travel faster. So strap up and RIDE YOUR A** OFF.

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2 Responses to It’s Tuesday…….. Ride Your A** Off

  1. Gwen Salmo says:

    I have been enjoying your blog….as a bike rider myself and on the Friends of Karen staff, I appreciate everything you have to say! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family
    and wish you safe rides and profound thoughts and blogs about biking and the brain in the new year!


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