Central Park Bike Tours……..Always Excellent!

IMG_0990Oh New York City! How amazing you are. There is so much to see and do. Home to the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Taylor Swift, Wall Street, Times Square, and Central Park.

And to see it all, there’s one of the world’s only 24/7 public-transportation systems. It’s true — there are subways, buses, and taxis that run all the time. But despite this endless flow of mass transit, there are still too many inconveniences. For one, they are always packed and jammed to the brim. They are consistently delayed or not working. The mysterious automated voice on the subway will tell you there’s “train traffic” —whatever that is. Moreover, they are limited in where they can go.

You didn’t come to New York City to study the transportation system or to walk a marathon. You came here to experience “The City.” Luckily, Central Park Bike Tours understands that concept. We’re a company offering guided tours and pedicab services to the residents and visitors of New York.

At Central Park Bike Tours, we offer the convenience and flexibility of traveling by bike with our affordable pedicab service. Travelling by bike is, by far, the quickest and most convenient way to move through the city. There are no delays, no traffic, and no limitations. You call the shots. If you change your destination mid-ride, no problem — we’re flexible. With us, you will maximize your time and get the most out of your trip. Any destination is possible, as our experienced riders are well versed in the Manhattan terrain. Your trip can be booked in advance and online so you won’t waste time flagging down your next ride. Whether you are traveling alone or have an entire wedding party to transport, our riders are ready to pedal you to the next destination.

Central Park is 6% of Manhattan’s total acreage (centralparknyc.org). It’s an overwhelming amount of terrain. There are trails, roads, and pathways that zigzag everywhere. There are historical landmarks, famous backdrops, mystical gardens, and many other hidden gems scattered throughout the park. It’s difficult for even the most sophisticated Manhattanites to navigate. Luckily, Central Park Bike Tours (biketourscentralpark.com) has been offering guided tours for more than seven years. We have developed a knowledge of the park unlike any other. We could freehand the blueprints. Our tours are interactive, friendly, and reliable. You will leave with a sense of satisfaction and enough knowledge to guide your own tour. Like our pedicab service, our tours can be booked in advance and online for your convenience.

When was the last time someone said, “Wow, that cab ride was so scenic!” or, “You have to ride the subway, the views are incredible!” So if you want to squeeze the most out of the Big Apple, book your rides with Central Park Bike Tours. And if you’re up to it, let us show you around. Come with us, learn the park, and travel fast and efficiently. We look forward to seeing you.

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