Brain Traffic!



Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Have you ever ENJOYED being stuck in traffic? I am going to take a guess that the answer is YES then NO! I don’t blame you, I don’t either. Traffic is merely a nuisance. It’s a pile of stagnant “stuff” blocking you from moving forward and onward. Now imagine a world with no traffic! I know, I know, heavenly, right?

Just as our streets fill with traffic, so do our brains. It can feel like billions of thoughts are running a chaotic marathon through your mind. These thoughts can be from stress at work, stress at home, insecurities, marital issues, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and any other life challenge you may be facing. These thoughts are sporadic, uncontrolled intruders invading your head. The traffic can feel endless. The traffic can prevent us from accomplishing goals. This traffic can be down right debilitating. Now imagine being able to clear this traffic. I know, I know, heavenly, right?

Although it may be feel impossible to clear this brain traffic, you most certainly can. Do you want to know how? Get on the bike. Instantly, your mind HAS to focus on riding. This focus may be unconscious for experienced riders, but it’s there. With this new focus, all the other brain traffic is pushed aside. Remember, the thought’s are not evaporating, the road is just being expanded. You need to use this new space wisely.

As you ride, feel the traffic clearing. Allow yourself to dwell on this space being created as you pedal forward. Be mindful of the peace and allow yourself to focus just on your movement. Again, the traffic is not disappearing, it is becoming less dense. The ultimate goal should be to enjoy your ride and clear your mind for the duration of that ride.

If you can be mindful during the ride, your head should be more clear. There should be more space for you to work with. It would be beneficial to use this space to do some re-arranging. Maybe straighten out some priorities or try to resolve some ongoing issues that have been piling up. Whatever you do with that space is up to you, but try to use it wisely.  Riding a bike can ease a lot of your thick brain traffic, allowing you to re-organize and progress further.


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4 Responses to Brain Traffic!

  1. I’m just about to head out for my cycle. Its freezing cold but its crisp and I’m looking forward to de-stressing when out there. I do a 90 minute cycle as often as I can and I truly find it beneficial for my anxiety. Its also true I get my best ideas on that bike. I cycle for fitness and I’m never going to break any speed records but for the head it great. Best wishes and I like your love of cycling and how you get across the benefits it brings in keeping well. Thanks


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