The crank is an essential component to any bike. Without this piece, your bike is a slave to gravity. You can’t control the speed or the ability to propel forward. However, when the crank is engaged you are the control panel. Pushing and pulling on the pedals allows you to move the bike across any surface. You can pedal up hills, down hills, and on flat ground. The cranks move in a circular motion as the pedals alternate between up and down positions. Each pedal must go through this cycle for the bike to function. Our lives are exactly the same. We will always experience ups and down just as the pedals do.  There is no way around that. The up and down positions must be experienced because without them we become stagnant and so does the bike.

Thanksgiving day, we hope, is a time to be thankful, appreciative, jolly, and happy. I certainly wish those adjectives describe your day.  The pedal should be in an up position, if you will. I hope you have the day off, your family around, and warm food to fill your belly. If you are, remember to be mindful. Count your blessings and enjoy each moment. Don’t think about the past or worry about the future. Live in the moment. Enjoy your time in the UP.

However, there are people who experience this day as depressing, sad, lonely, and horrid. These are people in the down rotation. They may not have family or friends. Maybe they have experienced the loss of a job or perhaps they are struggling with an illness. Whatever the reason, these people are not experiencing the stereotypical, story book Thanksgiving. Again, I would encourage them to also be mindful. Be mindful that life is fluid, not stagnant no matter who you are.

The pedals must come from the bottom in order to rise to the top. Without experiencing both positions, staleness ensues. There is no way for the bike to function without up AND down. Life is the same. We will experience ups and downs, sad times and happy times. Without this fluidity, you become a robot. So no matter what position you are in this Thanksgiving, remember to be mindful. Relish in the good and relish in the idea that the bad can always improve.


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