It’s Not Just A Bike, It’s You

As mentioned in Ari’s video and “It Doesn’t Stand Alone”, your bike is much more than a few pieces of welded metal. It’s far greater. Your bike is an extension of you. People should be able to see little pieces of your soul reflected throughout your bike. I would even say people should be able to predict your mood based on your riding style.

Personally, I have one fixed gear and one road bike (None pictured above). The fixed gear has a color scheme that represents a song my friends and I listened to relentlessly in college. Moreover, the fixed gear is a bit rough, it’s scratched up, the brake is taped on, and the front caliper was bought from a thrift shop. Merely from this description you would be able to tell that I am fairly cheap, I prefer functionality over appearance, and that I enjoyed rap music a while back (the color scheme of the bike is based off Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa). Moreover, the bike is unique, it reflects an outgoing, but bizarre personality. That’s me. I am not surprised that everyone in my office has been able to tell my bike is parked out front without me telling them. This is because it accurately represents who I am.

In addition, my riding style always reflects my mood. Riding between jobs I am often sprinting aggressively and weaving in between traffic. You can certainly see the stress of being late. On Saturday morning’s I am riding mellow with coffee in my bottle cage. If I have had a long day I am usually jamming on my cranks and riding somewhat recklessly. If I am happy my riding tends to be smooth and quick. The list goes on and on.

I have said many times that a large part of mental well-being is confidence. This is derived from a freedom and ability to express yourself. Sometimes this does not come easy. People struggle to define who they are or express their personality. Just as art or fashion is a means of expression, the bike can be too. It can be a healthy outlet for someone who is “stuck” or “hidden inside themselves”. Let your bike do the talking.


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