I would argue that multi-tasking is essential to everyday life in our modern world. With so much going on, it’s crucial to complete at-least 2 tasks at a time just so you don’t fall behind. I can’t remember the last time I solely focused on 1 task. If I am on the phone, I am also checking e-mails. If I am cooking dinner, I am also cleaning the kitchen. If I am at the gym, I am also making plans for the evening. The list goes on and on.

Before I proceed, it’s important to note that it’s extremely beneficial to resist multi-tasking at times. It’s replenishing for both physical and mental health by allowing us to slow down and focus…… now back to multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking, if done strategically, can be very effective. It can maximize productivity in the least amount of time. Completing tasks can increase our sense of  accomplishment. Feeling accomplished can make us feel confident. Feeling confident is one of the keys to mental well-being. In sum, multi-tasking well can improve our mental well-being.

So where does the bike come into play?  The bike is the king of multi-tasking. First off, no matter what you are doing on the bike, whether that be errands or commuting, you are always exercising as well. Also, lets say you want to go for a long ride as part of your exercise routine. You can also throw a rack on the bike and make several stops along the way to complete some errands. Below are some examples of how I have used my bike as a multi-tool.

  • Rode my bike to the gym AND picked up groceries on the way back
  • Commuted to church AND completed my cardio for the day
  • Commuted to work AND relieved some stress
  • Explored the city AND listened to an entire audio book
  • Attended critical mass AND made new friends
  • Rode the coast of Cali AND strengthened my best friendship

The list includes concrete tasks such as grocery shopping, but it also includes “tasks” like strengthening friendships. Both tasks are crucial, meaningful and contribute to well-being. As mentioned above, a sense of accomplishment increases self-esteem. If you can look back on your day and feel good about what has been accomplished, you will sleep easier and start the next day more refreshed.



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