Seasonal Progression


Seasonal depression is a term that is thrown around far too often. People use this loosely when they are having a rough day. However, there is nothing loose about this term. People who struggle with seasonal depression would agree that it can be a living nightmare. It can turn any mundane task into a marathon through quick sand. What was once a beautiful warm day is replaced by chilly darkness.

Although it may feel as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there certainly is. The best part is, the bike can get you there faster. Below are a few suggestions for bringing some life back to these dark days.

1. Remember the darkness is simply a backdrop. Do not allow this to gain complete control over you!

2. The bike is still the bike. Your bike in the summer is still the same bike in the winter. Meaning, it harnesses the same confidence building capabilities

3. Prepare for the cold. Invest in a few key pieces of cold weather gear to stay warm. This is a step towards regaining control over the dark backdrop.

4. Riding through the cold is unique. See this ability as a strength that you harness. As perseverance, if you will.

5. Be mindful on the bike. Feel every gust of wind and feel every breath you take in. Feel the chill revitalize you. You may find this refreshing

Be mindful, get on the bike, and ride. You may even find that your a better rider in the spring, an added bonus

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