The Bike as a Constant


A lot of things are always changing. Our age, our appearance, our responsibilities, the seasons, our priorities, fashion , trends, celebrities, etc.

Change can be very healthy. For instance, when your priorities change from chasing women to supporting a family or when the pope becomes more famous than Kanye West. Those changes tend to be for the better. Obviously, change can also be detrimental. As is anything, there needs to be checks and balances. That being said, it’s good to have some “constants” in our lives as well.

The constants are used as our supports. They are what we rely on when change becomes hard. Sometimes we feel that our constants are lacking and things are “spiraling out of control”.

Again, this is where the bike can come into play. The bike will always be there to take you where you need to go. It will never run out of gas. It will always help you stay in shape. It will pretty much, never let you down.

The bike always retains its therapeutic properties. New goals can always be achieved. Confidence can always be built. Anxiety can always be reduced and depression can always be controlled with the bike. You can absolutely rely on the bike as a constant in your life.

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