The temp was around 26 degrees F as I stepped out of my apartment at 8 AM this morning. For many, the first day below freezing is the time to hang the bike up and join the rest of society on mass transit. Sure, the cold can be uncomfortable and a bit painful, but like anything else it can be overcome.

Continuing to ride through the winter will further increase a sense of accomplishment. The cold becomes the “end” for a a lot of people. Not everyone has it in the them to persevere through the winter. As the number of bike commuters decreases, the severity of the conditions increases. Only the “strongest” keep riding. Without a doubt it is a bit more challenging and takes more preparation. However, with a greater challenge comes a greater reward….. a thought that must remain at the forefront of your thoughts.

Certainly, being the “strongest” and overcoming this challenge will lead to a greater sense of accomplishment. This leads to improved self esteem, which improves feelings of well-being. In turn, there will be decreases in feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

P.S. The challenge of winter riding will become easier with time.


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