It’s true, my bike is part of my daily habit. I consider it an essential element to my existence. I talk about MY BIKE, I work on MY BIKE, I wash MY BIKE, I ride MY BIKE, and I love MY BIKE.

To many, this seems to be over the top. It’s “an unhealthy obsession” if you will. It’s an “addiction”. I have wasted too much breath on arguing against these accusations. I used to feel the need to defend myself. This usually ended in a stand still where I was still “obsessive” about my bike and the other person still thinking I was a freak.

Fortunately, I have found a much better way to end the arguing….. andddd that’s simply by keeping quiet. It has been an effective defense strategy to shut my mouth, and continue living with my bike involved in every aspect of my life . The people around me were able to observe (for themselves) the positive impact the bike had on my life. They were able to see the reduced stress, the minimal commute times, the healthier lifestyle, the ease of traveling, and all the the other benefits .

Without saying a word, people were able to recognize the overall joy the bike contributes to my life. It is much more powerful when someone comes to a conclusion on their own free will. This paradoxical method of keeping quiet has worked. More importantly, it has got many of my friends in the saddle for the first time.


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