Unfortunately, there are times when riding feels like it’s become a burden.  We dread the thought of getting in the saddle and pushing the cranks. This may drive us to take a step back, but we don’t have to.


Fortunately, that feeling of bike burden is normal. As is anything that becomes “stale” in our life. That new J.Crew shirt you purchased last spring was all you wanted to wear. Now, you don’t even like the way it looks. We become so entrenched in our patterns of daily living, we lose a lot of excitement. This is when riding becomes a “burden”.

Here are a few suggestions to reignite that spark of riding without taking a step back.

1. Use your bike to commute to a new location (Ride your bike to work if you don’t normally, Use your bike to complete weekend chores)

2. Change your current route. (Riding the same roads gets real stale, try a new route, you’ll be surprised.

3. Wear a new outfit. (Surprising, yes!. Sometimes wearing a new jersey can instill a sense of “freshness”. Especially if it pops and stands out)

4. Use a new bike accessory (This doesn’t have to be big. What about a coffee mug holder so that you can commute with your favorite morning beverage? It may revitalize your desire to ride.)


These are just a few suggestions to re-ignite the bike flame, without completely putting it down. Try them out.



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