It’s Not An Instant Shift



We live in a culture that is ALL of NOTHING. It is GO HARD or GO HOME. It is be RIPPED or DONT TRY. It is GET ALL A’S or JUST DROP OUT. It is WIN the TOUR or GIVE UP CYCLING.

Now that my point is made, I would like to argue that ALL or NOTHING mentality. This is because it prevents people from ever trying. It is demoralizing, conceited, and harmful. We are human beings, not robots. Most of us can’t go from never riding to winning the Red Hook Crit, but this shouldn’t ever stop someone from getting on their bike.

We need to remember the balance. Wether you are striving for that ALL mentality or just want to ride for fun….. DO IT.   There is a wide range of riders and abilities. The beauty of this spectrum is its fluidity. You can love riding one year, and be very causal the next. Who cares?. I don’t.

Moreover, whether you are just starting and can only ride a mile or have ridden the country, the MENTAL HEALTH benefits are in abundance.

So please…. get out, ride, and be well. And do it how you want.



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