I believe brevity is powerful and is the key to engagement. Below I hope to concisely describe the way in which biking can (powerfully) promote mental well-being.

Keep in mind the equation is very fluid/flexible and can be adjusted to fit almost any person and their lifestyle.

A=Obstacles/life challenges (The domain in which we have no control)

B= My actions/beliefs (The domain in which we have complete control)

C= Life satisfaction/ feelings of well-being (This is the domain in which we experience our “problems”. We feel that it can not be changed. We often explain that our lives are “out of control and hopeless”. However, by manipulating B, you can in fact change C.)

Simple math


My equation for today. (Actual)

A= Rainy, shitty, gloomy day (No control)

B= “This day has potential”, “I am going to ride my bike through the rain and go to the gym”, “What’s a little water” (Complete control)

C= “Feelings of accomplishment”, “the day has not been wasted”, “I enjoyed myself” (With the manipulation of B, my C was positive).

What could my equation have been?

A= Rainy, shitty, gloomy day (No control)

B= “This day sucks”, I am stuck”, ” I can’t ride”, “What a waste” (Complete control)

C= “Depressing”, “lost a day”, “accomplished nothing”, “feeling down” ( Without manipulating B, my C remained gloomy and there was no change).

There it is, a simple equation to depict the effectiveness of biking (or anything you want to substitute) on mental health. Again, the equation is flexible, so please, play around with it and see if it works for you.


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  1. Scott says:

    Enjoying your blog! This post is fantastic!


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