A friend and I spent the last 4 days cycling and hiking through New Hampshire. Needless to say, it was gorgeous. The foliage was at its prime and the air was fresh. This get away from the bustle of the city was exactly what we needed.

The ultimate feeling, was one of freedom. We left the car behind at our first stop and became completely dependent on our bicycles for the next four days. They were the means by which we travelled and carried our gear. There was no fear of running out of gas, finding parking, or being ticketed. We experienced New Hampshire in its entirety. On the bike we rode fast enough to travel significant distances, but slow enough to experience the surroundings. This feeling of freedom Is unmatched.

Along with the freedom comes a sense of accomplishment. Surviving four days in nature with just a bike and camping gear was satisfying.

Both my friend and I returned to work feeling relaxed and refreshed. We had a new sense of accomplishment and were ready to take on our jobs with a new, more relaxed attitude.

This is a feeling nearly everyone can experience. It doesn’t even require travel. Simply hopping on the bike and relying on it as your one source of transport will suffice. I encourage anyone to try it .

Healthy Bike Healthy Brain


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