Chainring Catalyst


I simply had to pick up a few items from someone a few blocks away from my apartment.  Despite the apparent dullness of this task, I realized that my bicycle was a catalyst for many great connections and events that took place. All of which contribute to mental wellbeing.

The following are a few of the events/connections.

1. I was able to smoothly transport from my apartment to the meeting point, and back with the items. It was a small achievement to start the day. As a result, I was able to approach the rest of the day with a positive outlook. This allowed for a much more productive and enjoyable 24 hours.

2. It allowed for more communication with the person I was meeting and it was a great conversation starter. She simply asked, “How was the ride over here?”.  Answering this question allowed me to reflect on the “mini achievement” mentioned in #1. Again, contributing to the positive vibes for the day. It also contributed to a meaningful 2 way conversation about my passion for cycling. Lastly, there was no train or bus to catch. I was free to continue the conversation for as long as I pleased.

3. The success of this “pickup”, has positively reinforced my desire to bicycle. In turn, I will continue to ride. Ultimately, this will positively impact my mental well-being for years to come.

Although this trip may seem minimal, I believe that breaking down ordinary activities allows us to really see the positive impacts they could have. We spend a majority of our lives worrying about the “big picture” and our constant struggle to achieve extraordinary goals. This causes us to miss the many achievements that we accomplish everyday. Bringing those achievements to light will significantly increase self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Luckily, this can all be done through cycling as the catalyst.


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