An odd glimmer of hope (w/ potential for growth)


It feels odd to even be reflecting on this moment in time, however, I feel it is important. The whole experience lasted about 3 minutes, but contained important insight!

As I began my daily walk to work on Monday morning, I was suddenly struck with a feeling of panic. Was this life? A repetitious pattern of movements and actions? I love my job and couldn’t be happier, but this was a moment of  longing for  general change. As soon as that thought left my mind, an image of myself cycling through the city streets entered. I imagined riding through the city with no sense of direction and without a destination. For some reason this image of cycling brought feelings of hope and excitement. The best part was, I could actually fulfill the vision after work, and so I did. The whole day I was able to look forward to the ride!

In a  moment that could have spiraled into a series of depressive and hopeless thoughts, the vision of cycling brought hope and excitement. Again, this was not a life changing experience, but it demonstrates the way our thoughts impact our behaviors as we walk through life. With the excitement of hopping on my cycle after work, my attitude and overall day at work was pleasant. It just so happens that this moment of insight involved CYCLING! …………Healthy Bike/ Healthy Brain.

I hope this passage resonates and that you can apply it to a broader spectrum of people and beliefs.

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