Commuter Accomplishment (Personal Insight)


I had one major errand to run, which was picking up a frame for my newest art print. I was dreading this task from the second I purchased the print. The only store I know of selling moderately priced frames is on the direct opposite side of the city from my apartment. I live uptown, so the only way to get across the city is the bus. However, this frame was going to be 18″ x 24″ and I was not going to lug it on a crowded bus to risk damaging it. So I decided to grab my roll top bag and head across town on my bike. I was across town in about 12 minutes, which was remarkable time. I found the frame immediately and was out of the store in about 5 minutes. Everything was running smooth until I realized that my frame was far too large for my bag. I was now stuck with a huge frame, a small backpack, and my bike. I ran through all the options in my head and seriously considered walking the frame back to my apartment, and then returning for the bike. That would have taken at least 2 hours of my day, possibly ruining it. I am way too cheap, so a cab was never an option. I finally decided to examine my backpack thoroughly to see if I could some how finagle the frame unto the bag. Eventually I was able to tie the hip straps to the roll top straps and secure the frame to the front of the bag. Although I was worried, the frame made it home in one piece. My print now has a comfortable home.

What does this have to do with mental well-being? Well everything! This is a brief example of how a dreaded task was transformed into a puzzle of sorts that led to a sense of accomplishment.  It’s little victories like these that begin to build self esteem. Whether you are just bored or in the early stages of recovery, cycling can be manipulated in so many ways to be beneficial. My otherwise average errand, in some way, became part of self growth. I hope the above example sheds light on some of cycling’s mental power. 

Grab your own copy of the print here!

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