Cycling Around the Anxiety!



This is an inspiring article written by Charmain Camilleri of the The Weekly Review of Moonee Valley. It is an interesting perspective that anxiety will not go away, but will become manageable. I feel that certain levels of anxiety are actually healthy. It is a natural defense mechanism. (i.e. If you don’t have some anxiety when you see a bear, you may not run!) However, for some people, anxiety is completely debilitating.

I really enjoyed the way Justin managed his anxiety. He found ways to cope that were out of the ordinary. He is unable to drive at the moment, which for most people would limit their access to a variety of resources. The lack of mobility could certainly be a plunge into severe depression. In contrary, Justin grabbed his anxiety by the BARS and embraced cycling. He embraced its capability to be an effective form of transportation. Justin is completely mobile and has traveled, which is contributing to his overall well-being. This life satisfaction is due not only to his strong will power and desire to recover, but also his crank set and wheels.

Ride on Justin! Truly inspiring.

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