Overcoming Fear and Blog Transfer

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I HAVE TRANSFERRED MY BLOG HERE so go ahead and follow that if you desire, we would love you too

I also just published a new article here, you make like that s well


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To Everyone

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To everyone who has followed this blog, I appreciate you and your support. A while back I transferred to a self hosting site.

A lot of stuff has happened. We have given away more bikes and have continued a blog with bicycle and self help tips. Check it all out here




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Riding Through the Rain


Riding your bicycle does not have to be dependent on the weather. You can ride through anything with the right preparation. I have already discussed riding through the winter and summer so go ahead and check those out here and here. I now want to discuss riding through the rain. This is not the say all be all, but these methods have worked for me. I always ride despite the conditions and I always appear presentable at work in a shirt and tie. You can too. Continue reading

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Meet The Girls


We received an email about two weeks ago from Theresa. Theresa heard about Bike and Brain through people at the The Journey Church. She is currently living in Brooklyn with two young children and their mother. Their father has passed away. These girls are 6 and 7 years old. As a single parent home and with the high cost of living in New York City, bicycles were not high on the priority list for this family. Theresa contacted us to see if we had two childrens’ bikes for the girls. Initially, we were a bit worried because we never had childrens’ bikes donated. However, we figured we would take our chances. We replied back, “ Good to hear from you, I think we can DEFINITELY help you out”. Continue reading

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Meet Vicky and Sinuhé


Life has a funny way of working itself out. It seems that, no matter what, everything always comes full circle. That is exactly what happened in this case.  Continue reading

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Happiness is not a choice, but Joy is

Common adjectives are: stressful, hard, dull, lonely, overwhelming, difficult, pointless, burdensome, tiring, unfair, crappy, sickening, and sad. They have two common themes. One, they are all negative and two; they are often engrained in a person’s response to “How are you doing?”  Hearing about difficulties rather than blessings is all too common. I am writing this to shed light on the importance of joy as a choice rather than a stroke of luck.

Let’s be serious though. Life is hard! There is absolutely no question about that. It would be all too easy to write several pages supporting that statement. Thankfully, I am always up for a good challenge. So I will attempt to write about the importance of positivity and joy in the midst of everyday stress and B.S. Continue reading

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How To Commute Through The Summer

Several months ago I posted an article about riding through the winter (here!). Finally, the earth has defrosted and the sun is back in full force. Here in NYC, it actually feels like we have transitioned into a 2 season calendar. A bitter winter and a brutal summer. However, this should not stop you from commuting by bicycle. I am required to wear a shirt and tie everyday of the week. Below is how I manage to remain sanitary while bike commuting through the summer. Continue reading

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Meet Jacqueline!


Bike and Brain has been a fantastic adventure to say the least. However, there are moments where feelings of worry creep in. Will bikes keep coming in? Will there be enough people to give bikes to? Is this the right person to give the bike to? A great deal of time has been spent perseverating on these concerns. Although a concrete answer has not been found, a conclusion has been made. One that has laid these questions to rest. There are no answers! In fact, these questions are merely a lack of faith. They only produce worry and angst. To put it simply, these questions do not matter.  Continue reading

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I try to only post original content only, but this may be one of the best explanations I have seen to date.  Enjoy the short video below

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5 Ways To Just Be Happy

1. Love More


All you need to do is watch 15 minutes of the news to see how much hate and anger is in our world. It can be very overwhelming. It’s everywhere. Rarely do we see acts of kindness and love broadcast on our T.V’s. I think that showing hate and anger is the easy way out. It’s simple to be mad at someone. This takes very little effort, but loving people is hard. To love someone means to accept their flaws and your preconceived notions about them. It means you have to be vulnerable. It means you need to be flexible. It takes a lot of effort, but nothing worth having comes easy. The ability to love people, not just those close to you, is the key to happiness. When was the last time you did something out of pure love? What about for a stranger? I promise if you try this, you will unlock a well of joy you didn’t know existed Continue reading

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